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Spiritwind Internal Arts Head

Sifu Chik Qadir Mason’s study of martial and internal arts spans six decades and two continents. He is a member of the Chinese Kuo Shu Worldwide Association, the Seven Star Praying Mantis Association, and the Adam Hsu US Wu Shu Association. The focus of Sifu’s own practice lies in Dao InChi KungPa Kua ChangTai Chi Chuan, and Kung Fu. He is an O.M.D. (Oriental Medical Doctor), Reiki, and Lin Zi Jing Luo Chi Kung Therapy Master, and practices Tui- Na , and Thai Massage. He has done healing work at Temple Hospital, Mc Gee Rehabilitation, and Action Aids in Philadelphia.  He currently teaches in and around the Philadelphia area, offers weekend workshops, and is available for lectures, and private sessions in the Internal Arts.

The history of Spirit Wind Society interweaves with Sifu’s own development as a life-long student and teacher. He has contributed to numerous dance and performing arts endeavours, is sought after for workshops and demonstrations, and has won countless awards in competition. He has studied under well known masters such as S.L. Martin, Lee Kam Wing and Master Ting Tze Pang of Hong Kong.

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