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5 Week Form Review and 2 Person Training

Evolve. Inspire. Refine.

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  • Spiritwind Internal Arts Canada

Service Description

Friday Evenings: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM | 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM 2 Person Training August 25th -  September 29th  This special first time offering is meant for SWIA students who have already learned these forms to enhance their training and reach further refinement. It will start with a group warm up, followed by a drill review for that workshop's style. Following this, we'll bring us back to the old days at the Kwoon where each student will not just follow along, but demonstrate their form in front of the class for feedback. The second hour will be two person contact training in that style.  This is especially excellent for any student working towards their testing levels.  WEEK 1: Sifu Chik Mason: Shaolin Animal Forms Review | Sifu Dylan Kirk: Combat Fundamentals and Quinna. Forms include: Crane Meets Snake, Single Stepping Crane, Flying Tiger, etc. WEEK 2: Sifu Chik Mason: Mantis Forms Review | Sifu Dylan Kirk: Mantis Two Person Drills, Bong Bo Quan18 Ancestors, Black Tiger, Tsai Kway, etc. WEEK 3: Sifu Chik Mason: Wutang Long Fist Forms Review | Sifu Dylan Kirk: Wutang Longfist Two Person Drills and Conditioning. Forms include: Er Lu Moi Fa Quan, Chasing Clouds with 1000 Steps, Yen Ching Fei Tui, etc. WEEK 4: Sifu Chik Mason: Baguazhang Forms Review | Sifu Dylan Kirk: Combat Sets & Free Flow. Forms include: Single Palm Change, Eight Old Palms, Spiritwind Palms, Swimming Dragon WEEK 5: Sifu Chik Mason: Weapons Form Review | Two Person Drills. Forms include: Six Combinations Wu Tang Staff, Green Dragon Sword, Flying Dragon Sword

Contact Details

  • 283 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

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