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Flying Dragon Sword

A wudang sword form integrating elements of baguazhang and taijiquan.

  • Ended
  • 99 US dollars
  • Spiritwind Zoom Classroom

Service Description

This intermediate straight sword (jian/gim) form is the next form after the swimming dragon sword. It moves through jumps, leaps, spirals, and turns like a dragons dancing in the clouds. Join as a beginner, or as an advanced student to learn sword basics, combat application, as well as this advanced set of techniques found within this form. This course will be offered via zoom or can be attended in person in Toronto by contacting Sifu Dylan Kirk: _______________________ The Sword of Wisdom Ever since the Taoist mystics handed down the secret of the sword, the true wisdom of the sword has been upheld. Remembering it's origin, I say it is not ordinary metal. It comes from trustworthiness, compassion and tolerance. When you obtain this, it rises up. Forging in the glow of the spirit. Through repeated efforts, it is refined into wisdom. When the disciple knows it's secret- the spirit of light is so powerful, demons and darkness vanish. The subtle function of spiritual work is truly hard to measure. Wielding it... Horizontally, a cold breeze arises. Holding it upright the glowing moon appears. When the glowing moon appears, an illuminating light strikes fear in ghosts and dark demons. It stops confusion and brings clarity of mind. It sweeps away anger and brings tranquility. All mistrust and aggression vanish in the light of the sword of wisdom. This Magical sword has no form. It opens all dark doors. Distinguishing right from wrong. Following the Tao and practicing it, depends on the sword of wisdom.

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Philadelphia, PA, USA

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