Tàijíquán (Tai Chi Chuan) is a moving meditation that sets into motion the Microcosmic orbit that vertically permeates the torso, and the macrocosmic orbit, a circuit through all four limbs. The internal energy travelling through these circuits naturally flows into connecting meridians, and masses potential energy into a tidal wave of force. As a healing element, this flow Of energy increases circulation, calms the mind, relaxes the muscles and heals nervous, organic and skeletal problems. As a fighting art its use allows internal energy, not muscular force, to defeat an enemy. When a Tai Chi Master strikes an enemy, his internal energy enters into the enemy’s body, destroying body tissue more than a physical blow could ever do. Tàijíquán advocates relaxation of the body and lightness in contrast to other styles, the Tàijíquán practitioner remains relaxed and calm during a fight, not simply for enhanced reflexes or clear thinking, but also to allow his internal energy to flow unhindered by muscular tension. The relaxation then allows the fighter to casually touch his opponent with enough sensitivity to detect the force and direction of an oncoming attack. In turn his body yields no clues to his own movements. This is the essence of the internal martial art known as Tàijíquán.

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